One of the proudest moments I've put into words


I often thought when the time came, it would be really tough. Turns out, it is actually one of the proudest moments I’ve ever put into words.

After 12 years of leading Miracle Babies as its President (2005-2009) and then as CEO (2009-present), at the end of this month, the Miracle Month of May, I will move out of the CEO role and day to day running of the Foundation and transition up to a Board position.

Thinking back to 2005 and initiating the thought of some way to feel more connected and to help other families of premature babies, I never, ever had any concept of not only what Miracle Babies is today but also what it could be. I was simply a mum, devastated by my birth experiences and the way my children came into the world who wanted and needed to stay connected to other ‘miracle’ mothers to help me be okay and to give back to the hospital who gave me my beautiful babies to take home, turning us into a family. 

From that very first time when I approached the hospital with my idea, my life again changed. I was introduced to the most incredible and strong women I have ever met who listened to my thoughts and vision and with everything they had, made it their own. All women with different journeys, but all bonded together by a path we never ever would have chosen. I am so honoured by all of them.

Almost 12 years and here we are, with your help and the incredible belief of other miracle families, the medical community and our supporters, running the largest not for profit in Australia for families of premature and sick babies. The numbers remain overwhelming with more than 48,000 babies are born every year premature or sick. There is so much more to do.

The opportunities, adventures and experiences I’ve had in this role and the people I’ve met along the way are beyond anything I could have imagined and remain so special to me. Things like taking a small community group national, to sitting in the Premiers office, co-writing a song that’s available on iTunes, running the NY Marathon, speaking at international medical conferences, being part of research and becoming an honorary research associate at Sydney Uni, winning awards especially the EY National Social Entrepreneur of the Year, celebrating our 10 years at Luna Park, to becoming friends with some of my personal business idols. Too many amazing things to mention and some I hope to share over the coming weeks.

And while those moments remain incredible and I wish for more, I remain completely humbled by the families who trust us and let us into their lives at such a pivotal time. None of the accomplishments or experiences would have meant a thing without the moments when a mum simply says “Miracle Babies saved my life”. Our staff, our volunteers and supporters who make it all happen, every day changing such a heartbreaking time for families.

I am forever grateful for my 3 beautiful miracles who continue to thrive, they are my legacy and I am going to cherish the next 4 weeks. My hope is that you will continue to support Miracle Babies with me – we have a BIG campaign next week where your donation will be doubled that you MUST get behind - simply because our words from the beginning remain true …. “No one should have to go through this alone”  

I’m excited. I love my miracle family. Thank you for believing in me and my vision.

Let’s do May!