30 Stories of Inspiring Leaders doing something Extraordinary to Change our World


This week I was sent one of the first copies of Emma Hogan's Inspired Kindness featuring 30 incredible stories of 'inspiring leaders doing something extraordinary to change our world' ... Such an honour to be included and to be amongst some of my favourites! (You'll find me on page 61).

Books can be purchased at www.rainbowjane.com and funds raised will go towards grants to support the next generation of game changers! More details at the bottom of this page and below is some of my interview with Emma about the work of Miracle Babies Foundation.

About Inspired Kindness


Rainbow Jane is a small personally funded foundation that aims to create events and/or tell stories that inspire people to do something for themselves whilst giving back to worthy causes in communities, both in Australia, and overseas.

By purchasing an Inspired Kindness book, you are also ‘giving back’.

For every book sold, $50 will go towards the creation of a not-for-profit grant. The goal is to sell 1,000 books and create 5 x $10k grants that will be distributed (through an application process) to the next generation of people aiming to change our world. Click here for more information on the grants.

The book is $59.95 per copy (including shipping and admin) and $50 per copy for orders of 10 or more (yes, they waive the shipping and admin fees)